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It is our expertise is to improve the properties of your product or semi-finished product by means of surface treatment. With a very short delivery time of 3-5 days, we can always serve you quickly and professionally. 

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Delivery within 3 to 5 working days Optional 24- or 48-hour service

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Over 25 years of experience
ISO 9001/14001
Own laboratory facilities

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Advice tailored to your needs regarding inspection, packaging, and labelling. 

Making your live as easy as possible is our daily goal.

Specialist in electro and nickel plating

Does your product or semi-finished product have to be thoroughly protected against corrosion? Should it deliver better performance in terms of wear resistance, solderability or current conduction? Welcome to Galvano Hengelo, a specialist in electro and nickel plating for the supply industry. We specialise in applying metallic coatings to metallic surfaces. We provide this service for companies operating in sectors such as electrical engineering and hydraulics. Our added value? The high quality of our surface treatments. Our short delivery times. And our ongoing focus on improvement.

Surface treatments

Surface treatments

Silver electroplating, tin electroplating, zinc-nickel electroplating.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering

Largest line in the Netherlands for silver electroplating on copper.



Up to 1,000 hours salt spray resistance guaranteed.

About Galvano Hengelo

Founded in 1996, Galvano Hengelo is a medium-sized company specialising in electroplating. We distinguish ourselves through our high-quality surface treatments for a wide-ranging and stable customer base. We offer conventional solutions and strive for innovation and innovative customisation in the field of electro and nickel plating.

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Choose the best surface treatment for your product

Improve the properties of your product with the best possible surface treatment. Would you like advice on the best solution in electro or nickel plating? Contact Galvano Hengelo and we can share our expertise.

Sustainability as a guideline

Our entire process focuses on sustainability and minimal environmental impact and footprint. After all, your products have a much longer life due to the layers we apply. In addition, our environmental policy is aimed at identifying, managing and, where possible, reducing the impact of our processes on the environment. We achieve this goal through continuous optimization of our processes, minimizing the environmental impact whilst maintaining a consistent high quality.

''We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction surveys. On average we are now rated with an 8.4''

Electroplate your product professionally 

Improve and protect the properties of your product with the highest quality surface treatment. Are you interested in getting advice on the best electroplating solution for your product or semi-finished product? Galvano Hengelo likes to think along with you. Contact us or request a free quote. 

High Quality

Expert Advice

Short lead time

In-house laboratory