Electroplating as passion and profession!

Founded in 1996, Galvano Hengelo is a medium-sized company specialising in electroplating. We work for a wide-ranging and stable customer base, particularly in the electrical engineering & power transmission and hydraulics markets. We also work for the defence & aerospace, automotive, agricultural and machine and equipment construction sectors. Galvano Hengelo is a modern and dynamic company with skilled staff. We specialise in electroplating and electroless nickel plating.

Your surface, our service!

Galvano Hengelo offers you maximum support, both technically and logistically. You can rely on a high-quality product and short delivery times. We work closely together internally and communicate openly and honestly at all levels. We also maintain a proactive work attitude. This ensures good cooperation between colleagues and departments. We combine an efficient service with a pleasant working atmosphere. Together, we build long-term customer relationships. Quality, speed and reliability are our core values, as too is making and clear agreements and fulfilling them. Your surface, our service!

Our QHSE policy

Galvano Hengelo’s quality, health & safety and environmental (QHSE) policy forms an integral part of the total overall company policy and is essential for the continuity of the company and, for the well-being of our employees and our environment. Within Galvano Hengelo, the continuous improvement of our quality, health and safety and environmental performance, and our compliance with laws and regulations, are therefore of paramount importance and are monitored at regular intervals. We are therefore This is why we are proud to be one of the few companies in our industry to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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Preventive labor policy

We create the best possible working conditions for our staff, assisted in part by a preventive health & safety policy. This policy aims to avoid all actions and situations which, irrespective of the manner, may cause damage to persons and/or equipment.

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