Galvano Hengelo

In conversation with DROMEC

DROMEC is a company that deals with drive technology and winches. Many DROMEC products come into contact with salt water, making it necessary to provide high-quality protection for metals. A conversation with Joost Ressing, in charge of sales and marketing.

The company comprises two divisions. The ‘DROMEC Drives’ drive technology and ‘DROMEC Winches’. DROMEC drives assembles gearboxes for other machine builders, and is a‘Hydromec Assembly Center’. That is to say that DROMEC Drives supplies gearboxes for the Italian brand Hydromec and assembles these itself in the Netherlands. “We have all parts in stock so we can make any configuration requested”, Joost says.

Close-knit team

DROMEC Winches develops and produces small to very large and complex winch systems. These are supplied throughout the world and are often used in the maritime and offshore sector and are consequently often in contact with salt water. Joost is proud of his team’s achievements. “With our closeknit team, we are able to build the most complex and finest products.” The challenge for winch systems is to be able to control the forces at all times. In order to achieve this, the highest standards are set for the material, the control system and the software used.

The challenge

“The metal parts of the winches must be properly protected against corrosion, especially since our products are often used in, on or near salt water, which makes corrosion a major concern. Some parts are coated with a special coating system in a specific colour that the customer wants.”


For the structural parts, DROMEC regards galvanization with Protalloy® as an excellent solution. Protalloy® is a zinc-nickel treatment from Galvano Hengelo that provides very good protection against corrosion. “Wherever we can, we will apply Protalloy®. Moreover, the parts treated with Protalloy® also look good”, Joost adds.


“The motor that drives the winch is connected to the gearbox with a mounting flange. For the smaller drives, these mounting flanges are often made of aluminium. To protect them against corrosion, we have them chemically nickel-plated at Galvano Hengelo.”

Cooperation with Galvano

“We have been working with Galvano Hengelo for years and are very satisfied with the cooperation. The throughput time is good, the service is good and Galvano’s proactive approach is greatly appreciated. If there is a delay in delivery, we are notified in good time, so that we are not confronted with any unwelcome surprises. This is how we keep the planning under control and can deliver the result our customers expect.”

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