Galvano Hengelo

In conversation with GMW GmbH

GMW GmbH is a company specialised in CNC turning and CNC milling of sophisticated
parts and materials (copper, brass, titanium, stainless steel). We talk with
Hendrik Manderfeld, General Manager of GMW.


More about GMW GmbH

“More than three decades of entrepreneurship in the second generation testify to the success of GMW GmbH. For example, we have customers from many different sectors such as electrical engineering, the automotive and aviation industry, aerospace, special mechanical engineering and companies that make valves”, says Hendrik. By keeping a clear focus on quality, cost control and process flow, the company has become a sought-after specialist. GMW often advises its customers during the development and design process, which improves quality and lead time. More than 50 employees are now working for the company.

The challenge

“In 2021, the delivery times of our suppliers increased considerably, and I therefore went looking for a new partner for the silvering and tinning of parts”, says Hendrik. A contact of GMW’s let him know about positive experiences with Galvano Hengelo. “And to date, the quality delivered is very good, and delivery times and price stability are better than those of other suppliers.” Quality is that which goes beyond the standard. There is also an alignment in environmental policy. This is highly preventive for both Galvano Hengelo and GMW. The policy is aimed at identifying, controlling and continuously reducing the environmental impact of processes in a manner that is (economically) responsible. Quality, safety and environmental protection are thus guaranteed by preventive measures.

About the cooperation

Hendrik experiences the process at Galvano as smooth and fast. “The customer’s wishes are carefully listened to. Every start is a learning curve. If issues arise, they will be addressed and resolved immediately, transparently and always in consultation with GMW. Furthermore, Galvano does not call every week to follow up on a quotation; there is mutual respect, trust and understanding.” According to Hendrik, a number of factors ensure good long-term cooperation. Those include delivering the highest possible quality, a competitive price, fast delivery time, good packaging and pleasant contacts. “Galvano Hengelo meets this requirement”, says Hendrik, looking forward to a long-term successful partnership.