Galvano Hengelo

In conversation with Hoeflon

Hoeflon is a manufacturer and developer of mini cranes. We spoke with Evert van de Beek, head of the workshop at Hoeflon. He is in charge of the production department where everything is assembled.


The mobile machinery built by Hoeflon is used around the world for moving loads at diverse locations. “We supply our products to a wide range of sectors, from industry and construction to machine movers. In many cases, our machinery can also be used indoors because it fits through conventional doors,” Evert explains. “There are fully electric cranes, but we also have hybrid cranes that have both an electric and a combustion engine.”

“Our cranes are delivered and used all over the world. We serve the market in the Netherlands ourselves, while abroad we work with our dealers. We also have a service department that maintains machines and provides support to dealers.”

The challenge

“In the past, Hoeflon used to procure a lot of equipment; nowadays our engineering department develops components in-house and we also have these manufactured. This led to the need to protect these parts properly. In the beginning, we used to electro-galvanize the pins, but this treatment soon proved unable to withstand heavy loads. The rotating parts soon broke through the galvanized layer. Our engineering department then started looking for a higher quality method of treatment and ended up working with Galvano Hengelo, where they use a zinc-nickel treatment called Protalloy®.

This treatment achieves a much higher value in the salt spray test (at least 1,000 hours), as a result of which we are significantly less prone to rust formation. Moreover, the surface of parts treated with zinc-nickel is considerably harder, which increases their durability.

Consequently, we have the parts that have to be wearresistant treated by Galvano Hengelo.” In this respect, galvanizing parts is much more efficient than having them sprayed, for example, Evert points out. “The spraying process is much more labour-intensive because of the pre-treatment and the different layers. Everything that we can have galvanized is faster and easier for us.”

About the cooperation

Hoeflon has been working with Galvano Hengelo for about three years now. Evert is very pleased with the cooperation. “There are seldom any rejects and we are very satisfied with the quality that is being delivered.” Galvano delivers the treated products directly to Hoeflon’s supply partners, so that no unnecessary transportation needs to take place.

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