Frequently asked questions

Whilst we work B2B in principle, we can also undertake technical plating jobs for private individuals. However, this type of work must be suited to our processes. We are not equipped for decorative (repair) work, for example. Sometimes one of our technical finishes may, however, receive a decorative application and whilst we enjoy doing this kind of work, we do invoice inclusive of VAT.
This typically implies that you wish to have the trailer hot-dip galvanized, which is often incorrectly referred to as “galvanizing”.
We cannot galvanize non-electrically conductive objects. However, there are companies that specialise in this. They can galvanize almost every conceivable object, from children's shoes to flowers, using a special pre-treatment.
There are 2 types of chrome plating: thin dense chrome plating (decorative) and hard chrome plating (technical), and we do neither of these. This type of work is usually performed by specialist companies. As the two processes differ greatly in terms of application, most companies only perform one of the two processes.
Unfortunately, our relatively large automated lines mean that we cannot accept (private) restoration jobs. These are either not possible from a practical and technical perspective, or are unaffordable. We advise you to contact a specialist restoration company for this type of manual restoration work.
We regularly receive this request. Except for the information on our site, we do not have readily available information packs that we can or wish to freely distribute.