Zinc-nickel electroplating markets for the supply industry


Galvano Hengelo has specific knowledge and experience in the area of electroplating and electroless nickel plating. We supply a large number of sectors in the manufacturing industry. We deliver within the Netherlands and the EU to countries like Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark. Below are a number of examples per market.

Elektrotechniek - Galvano Hengelo

Electrical engineering

  • Busbars (silver, tin)
  • Switch contacts (silver)
  • Conductor bushes (silver)
  • High voltage fittings (silver)
  • Telecom test equipment (nickel/silver)
  • Electric rail systems (silver, tin)
  • Connectors (silver)

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Hydrauliek - Galvano Hengelo


  • Manifolds (zinc-nickel or electroless nickel)
  • Valve houses (zinc-nickel)
  • Cylinders (zinc-nickel)
  • Cartridges (zinc-nickel)

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Defensie / luchtvaart - Galvano Hengelo

Defence and aerospace

  • F16 jet fighter components (electroless nickel)
  • Armoured vehicle parts (zinc-nickel)
  • Missile components (electroless nickel)
Automotive - Galvano Hengelo


  • Battery clamps (tin, nickel + tin)
  • Tow bars (zinc-nickel)
  • Transmission parts (Zinc-nickel
  • Shock absorbers (electroless nickel/zinc-nickel)
Landbouw - Galvano Hengelo


  • Tractor parts (zinc-nickel)
  • Agricultural machinery parts (zinc-nickel)
Machinebouw - Galvano Hengelo

Machine and equipment construction

  • Gear wheels (electroless nickel)
  • Sprockets(electroless nickel)
  • Housings (silver-nickel/electroless nickel)
  • Shafts (zinc-nickel/electroless nickel)
  • Springs (electroless nickel)
  • Machine parts (zinc-nickel/electroless nickel)
  • Valves (electroless nickel)

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