Galvano Hengelo

New Coating thickness Gauge

On the 31st of August, a brand new coating thickness gauge was installed and put into use at Galvano Hengelo. Our old X-Ray has been a good service for years, but could not resist the latest developed technologies of the latest coating thickness gauges. With good advice from the company Helmut Fischer, a brand new X-Ray has been placed with which we can measure the layer thicknesses of the galvanic layers we have applied to 0.01 μm (0.00001 mm!). We can also measure duplex layers with this machine.

Nieuwe laagdiktemeter

Galvano Hengelo thinks it is important to work with accurate measurements of the surface treatments made. Quality is of paramount importance to us and to guarantee this we regularly invest in good equipment, and as many say ‘ measuring is knowing ‘. The layer thickness of each batch is measured by Galvano Hengelo. Data is always on demand and the standard delivery of a measurement report in the case of a supply belongs to the options.

If you would like to know more about our new coating thickness gauge for your product and company, please feel free to contact us.