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Salt spray test sample box

Request your free salt spray test sample box here!

Do you suffer from corrosion on your hydraulic components? The unique Protalloy® treatment ensures optimal protection of your product.

Is your product exposed to a high moisture and salt load or extreme temperature fluctuations? But do you not want to use relatively expensive wet coatings or work with a thick anti-corrosive layer?

With Protalloy® we offer a complete corrosion protection system for steel parts with a thickness of only 5 m. Excellent for hydraulic components, such as manifolds. Are you curious about the differences between a product treated with Protalloy® and a product treated with chemical nickel?

Request our free salt spray test sample box. You will receive a sample box with steel elements that have been treated with Protalloy® and chemical nickel and then partially exposed to a salt spray test of 1000 and 100 hours.

The salt spray sample box contains all information about the Protalloy® treatment, including:

  • Salt spray test sample box with real salt spray samples
  • Infographic explaining salt spray samples
  • Datasheet with technical information about the Protalloy® treatment and the comparison with zinc and chemical nickel
  • General brochure Galvano Hengelo

Request your free salt spray test sample box here!