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Our treatments

Galvano Hengelo specializes in improving the properties of metal by applying metal layers to a product or semi-finished product. This is, for example, the sustainability of corrosion or improvement of wear resistance, solderability or power conduction. This is done with modern and automated production lines. We specialize in the area treatments below.

Silver electroplating

  • Strong improvement of current flow
  • On copper and aluminium
  • Barrel plating

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Tin electroplating

  • Improve solderability and corrosion resistance
  • On copper and steel
  • Barrel plating

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Zinc-nickel electroplating

  • At least 1000 hours of corrosion protection (NSS)
  • Steel and cast iron
  • Partial zinc-nickel possible

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Electroless nickel plating

  • Corrosion protection and preservation
  • Surface hardness up to 1000 HV possible
  • Coating thickness tolerances up to ± 2μm

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