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Do you want to improve the properties of your product or semi-finished product? Galvano Hengelo offers the best possible surface treatment whether you want to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, solderability or current conduction, or even a combination of them all. We apply the right metal layer using modern and automated production lines. We specialise in the following surface treatments:

Galvanisch verzilveren - Galvano Hengelo

Silver electroplating

  • Strong improvement of current flow
  • On copper and aluminium
  • Barrel plating, rack plating

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Galvanisch vertinnen - Galvano Hengelo

Tin electroplating

  • Improves solderability and corrosion resistance
  • On copper, brass, aluminium and steel
  • Barrel plating, rack plating

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Verzinknikkelen - Galvano Hengelo

Zinc-nickel electroplating

  • At least 1,000 hours of corrosion protection (NSS)
  • On steel and cast iron
  • Partial zinc-nickel possible
  • Barrel plating

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Chemisch vernikkelen - Galvano Hengelo

Electroless nickel plating

  • Corrosion protection and preservation
  • On steel and cast iron (depending on porosity),
  • Surface hardness up to 1000 HV possible
  • Coating thickness tolerances up to ± 2μm
  • Barrel plating

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Our customers speak.

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