Zinc-nickel electroplating

Zinc-nickel electroplating provides excellent corrosion resistance on cast iron and steel. Galvano Hengelo is highly specialised in zinc-nickel electroplating. At least 1,000 hours of corrosion protection can be achieved by applying an extremely thin coating of just 5 mμ. Zinc-nickel electroplating is mainly used in hydraulic power transmission technology: manifolds, control valves and cylinders. Other sectors include machine and equipment construction, energy engineering and automotive industries.

Protalloy® for extremely high corrosion resistance

Does your product or semi-finished product have to withstand high humidity and salt load or extreme temperature fluctuations? This is where Protalloy® comes in. The so-called ‘high zinc-nickel alloy’ is passivated (Cr6 free) and combined with a thin topcoat, if necessary. This enables us to achieve an extremely high corrosion resistance of at least 1,000 hours protection against base metal corrosion in a neutral salt spray test! Galvano Hengelo also offers a partial treatment with zinc-nickel.

Advantages of zinc-nickel electroplating

During a salt spray test, zinc-nickel forms a whitish film; the so-called ‘white haze’. This film remains stable for a very long time (up to many thousands of hours of NSS). This is also a significant advantage compared to electroplated zinc coatings. As it  happens, much fewer (less voluminous) corrosion products are formed and the corrosion process is therefore considerably slower. Thanks to the very limited coating thickness (min. 5 mμ), the impact on the critical dimensioning is very limited. Another advantage of zinc-nickel electroplating is that we are able to process a lot of ducts/bores without the internal holes and bores becoming rusty.

Verzinknikkelen - Galvano Hengelo

Why choose Galvano Hengelo?

We are highly specialised in zinc-nickel electroplating. We have the knowledge, the expertise and the resources. We serve the hydraulics market in particular, offering the zinc-nickel electroplating of hydraulic power units, a procedure that we carry out with the utmost of care.

Properties of Protalloy®
Symbol ZnNi
Content Zn 84 - 90 %
Content Ni 10 - 16 %
Corrosion resistance *) > 1.000 Hrs NSS
Density (Zn) ± 7,40 g/cm3
Melting point (Zn) ± 750 °C
Thermal stability Good
Contact with aluminium Good

*) hrs. NSS (Neutral Salt Spray test) acc. to ASTM B-117 until base metal corrosion Coating
thickness > 5 micron zinc-nickel with transparent passivation and topcoat.

Maximum product dimensions:
LxWxH = 2100 x 300 x 1100 mm.

Base material for Protalloy zinc-nickel electroplating: steel and cast Iron.
See our technical datasheet about Protalloy® under downloads for more info.

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Our customers speak.

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