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Do you have a metal object that requires better corrosion protection? This can be done by means of galvanising. A thin coating of zinc is applied to a metal product. Do you require a higher level of corrosion resistance? Then specialist treatment is required. Galvano Hengelo specialises in surface treatments for the supply industry. We have various treatments for improving the anti-corrosion properties of metal.

Types of galvanisation

There are basically two types of galvanising: hot-dip and electro. In hot-dip galvanising, the material is immersed in molten zinc at a temperature of approximately 450°C. In zinc electroplating (a type of galvanisation technique), zinc ions are deposited onto the workpiece. Electricity is used for this. The resulting coating is thin, glossy and corrosion resistant. Galvano Hengelo does not galvanize but offers the much better zinc-nickel treatment under the name Protalloy® for this. Protalloy® is a zinc-nickel treatment that provides excellent corrosion protection.

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Alternative options: electroplating

There are, however, many applications that also require not only corrosion resistance, but also dimensional stability, wear resistance in combination with corrosion resistance, or a thin protective coating. Galvano Hengelo can offer the right solution for these very situations. Galvano Hengelo specialises in galvanising. This involves applying metal coatings to improve the properties of metals by means of chemicals or electrolytes. We do this for functional and technical applications with the aim of improving corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and wear resistance. Depending on the metal, the application and the requirements, we recommend, for example, tin, zinc nickel or nickel for corrosion protection.

Zinc-nickel electroplating

For zinc-nickel electroplating, we apply a very thin coating of just 5 mμ.  Zinc-nickel electroplating is mainly used in hydraulic power transmission technology: manifolds, control valves and cylinders. We also apply this protective coating widely within the automotive and machine and equipment construction sectors.

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Electroless nickel plating

We use electroless nickel plating for products with complex shapes, internal cavities and for products that require very precise coating thicknesses due to tolerances. The coating thickness of nickel can be controlled at ± 2 μm. We nickel-plate both steel and cast iron (depending on the porosity), as well as aluminium. Electroless nickel also offers the advantages of broad chemical resistance and the hardness of the coating (after furnace treatment up to 1000 HV). Thicker coatings are required for effective corrosion protection; for example, at least 20-30 μm.

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Why choose Galvano Hengelo?

Galvano Hengelo is a medium-sized company specialising in electroplating. We mainly work for the electrical engineering/electricity transport and hydraulics markets. We are also active in markets such as defence & aviation, automotive, agriculture and machine and equipment construction. Our specialty is electroplating