Silver electroplating

Silver electroplating is widely applied in the electrical/electronics industry. Silver has extremely high electrical conductivity, making it highly suitable as a coating for contacts and conductors in switching systems. Galvano Hengelo specialises in this market.

Silver electroplating  of copper and aluminium

We electroplate both copper and aluminium. Silver electroplating of aluminium and semi-finished products is particularly complex and requires specific expertise. This is due to the adhesion of the silver-plated layer to the aluminium and the diversity of aluminium types. Some types of aluminium are easier to treat than others. You can rely on our meticulous and well-honed process. We also have a large production capacity for silver electroplating copper and our large baths give us a competitive advantage.

Regular and hard silver plating

We make a distinction between regular and hard electroplating. When silver electroplating contacts, we usually apply one part soft and one part hard. This prevents excessive wear. A difference of at least 25% in hardness considerably reduces wear and extends the service life. In the case of hard silver, we incorporate a small amount of antimony into the crystal structure of the silver layer. This alloying increases the hardness of the silver layer.

Galvanisch verzilveren - Galvano Hengelo

Why choose Galvano Hengelo?

Galvano Hengelo has years of experience in galvanic silver plating and has built up a lot of expertise since starting out in 1996. We have knowledge of a wide range of products and semi-finished products, especially in electrical engineering and electricity transport. We determine the right treatment for every surface

Properties of electrodeposited silver
Symbol Ag
Content Ag > 99 %
Content Sb (only in hard silver) < 0.5 %
Density 10,49 g/cm3
Melting point 962 °C
Electrical conductivity 62,5 1/Ω
Electrical resistance 1,6 µΩ/cm
Hardness regular silver 90 - 110 HV
Hardness hard silver > 125 HV
Maximum product dimensions:
Copper: LxWxH = 2100 x 400 x 1100 mm., also barrel plating
Aluminium: LxWxH = 1300 x 300 x 900 mm.

Base materials for silver electroplating: copper (alloys) and aluminium.
On aluminium we apply an undercoat of 3 – 5 micron electroless nickel.

Choose Galvano Hengelo for all your silver electroplating requirements