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Silver electroplating

Silver plays a crucial role in current conductivity in the electrical and electronics industry. Silver has very low resistance and excellent electrical conductivity. For this reason, the material is very suitable as a coating for contacts and conductors in circuit systems. A very good technique for applying this coating is the silver electroplating of copper or aluminium components.

Specialist in silver-plating

Galvano Hengelo has years of experience in silver electroplating and has built up ample expertise since its foundation in 1996. We have knowledge of the diverse range of products and semi-finished products used in electrical engineering and power transmission. Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we are able to determine and implement the right treatment and production process for each substrate and component.

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Silver electroplating for electrical goods and electronics

Silver electroplating is an electrolytic process with silver as the anode material. In this process, the object to be silver-plated serves as the cathode. By putting the electrolyte (=salt solution) under an electrical current, the silver ions bind themselves to the metal object. This builds up a layer of pure silver on the object.

The best silver-plating method

We do silver-plating for a variety of industries.
Each product is unique and for each product we determine the best method to silver-plate it.

Silver on dynamic revolving rack

Silver on a dynamic rotating rack

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Silver-plating by means of drums

Silver plating of inner diameters with inner anode

Silver-plating of interior diameters with an inner anode

Silver on static hanging rack

Silver on a static suspension rack

Silver-plating quality

Galvano Hengelo also applies a furnace treatment to improve adhesion and to check adhesion at your request, which is followed by a 100% inspection to ensure correct adhesion. To achieve a proper silver coating in cavities, grooves and holes, Galvano Hengelo also uses inner anodes, tilt and rotating racks.

During production and final inspection, the layer thickness is verified by means of an X-ray layer thickness gauge, whereby the measurement results are recorded in our system. If the customer so desires, a measurement report can also be provided.

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The specifications of the silver with which we work can be found in the table on the right.

Maximum product dimensions

There are also some restrictions on surface treatments concerning maximum dimensions and weight. You can find the most important specifications in the table below.

Ag amount> 99 %
Sb amount< 0.5 %
Density10,49 g/cm3
Melting point962 °C
Electrical conductivity62,5 1/Ω
Electrical resistance1,6 µΩ/cm
Hardness silver90 - 110 HV

Materials and dimensions

Copper/copper alloys ¹

Underlayer Ni ²Possible
Underlayer NiP ³Possible ⁴
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)2100 x 400 x 1100
Weight (kg)Max. 450


Underlayer Ni ²N/A
Underlayer NiP ³Standard ⁵
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)1300 x 300 x 900
Weight (kg)Max. 450


Underlayer Ni ²N/A
Underlayer NiP ³Standard ⁵
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)1300 x 300 x 900
Weight (kg)Max. 450

¹ Passivation of silver-plated surfaces possible. Please feel free to inquire about the various options.
² Electroplating Nickel: only with a drum
³ Chemical Nickel: only when suspended
⁴ LxWxH: 1300 x 300 x 900 mm and only when suspended
⁵ Chemical Nickel underlayer standard: 3-5 µm

Materials we can silver-plate

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Silver-plating copper

We are also able to guarantee successful results when silver-plating copper through our careful and properly controlled production processes.

We have extensive production capacity with the largest line in the Netherlands for the silver-plating of copper and copper alloys. We are able to produce at competitive rates. thanks to our large baths.

Aluminium verzilveren bij Galvano Hengelo

Silver-plating aluminium

A great deal of specific expertise is needed for silver-plating aluminium in order to ensure good adhesion of the silver layer. This is partly because of the diversity in sorts of aluminium. Some aluminium is easier to silver-plate than others. The technique needs to be carefully matched to the composition of the aluminium. In this process, we first apply an undercoat of 3 – 5 microns of chemical nickel to the product before it is silver-plated.


Silver-plating steel

It is also possible to silver-plate steel, of course.

Over the years, our specialists have gained a lot of experience in silver-plating steel. This means that we can include steel in our processes without any problems.

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Silver electroplating at Galvano Hengelo

Thanks to our many years of experience and wide variety of products and clients, we have a lot of experience in electroplating.

Join the many clients that came before you and make the choice for silver electroplating at Galvano Hengelo!