The environment as a key feature!

Our environmental policy focuses heavily on prevention. It aims to assess the burden of our processes on the environment, to manage this burden and, where (commercially) possible, to continuously reduce it. This policy is based on a number of key issues:

  • Working according to the most energy-efficient method (member of MJA)
  • Compliance with NeR (Dutch Emission Guidelines for Air)
  • Minimisation of emissions in water
  • Prevention of emissions in soil
  • Economical use of raw and auxiliary materials
  • Waste management according to preferred process (Prevention/Recycling/Processing)
  • Preventing risk and nuisance for the environment, policy (major) accidents

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Our customers speak.;
Our customers speak.

Customers tell us about the challenges we solve with a treatment from Galvano Hengelo and tell more about the collaboration.

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