Galvano Hengelo

Our entire process is focused on sustainability. Your products have a much longer service life due to the layers we apply.

We also produce these layers as sustainably as possible. In 2013, our building was furnished according to the latest technology with a building management system, recycled water, covered extraction, a heat recovery system and LED lighting everywhere. The electricity we use is green, and the required heat is delivered by a biomass heat generation station.

We have our own water purification system, in which we treat process and rinse baths into water that can be discharged into the sewer and sludge. We press the sludge into filter cake. The sludge and process baths that we cannot process ourselves are treated by external waste processors, with more than half recycled. Of course, we separate all our waste, but we also try to create as little waste as possible, not only in production. Last year, for example, we took a leap forward in automation, which meant that we started using much less paper.

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy aims to identify, control and continuously reduce the environmental impact of our processes wherever (economically) possible. We do this, among other ways, by continuously optimising our processes so that we pollute the environment as little as possible and can still deliver consistently good quality. We monitor this in our own laboratory, but we also periodically have air, noise and exposure measurements done. This also ensures that our emissions to the environment are controlled and that the working environment is such for our employees that they remain employable over the long term.

Our policy is based on a number of key issues:

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