Galvano Hengelo


Because we like to share our knowledge and help our customers in the best possible way, we have recorded a number of videos. We cover various issues related to our treatments.


This video series is about Protalloy®, our premium zinc-nickel treatment. Protalloy® provides, among other things, good corrosion protection and higher wear resistance.

The solution against corrosion

The properties of Zinc-Nickel

Methods of application of Zinc-Nickel

Zinc-Nickel is well suited for hydraulic components

Treatment possible for products with accurate dimensional tolerance

Zinc-nickel is suitable for cylinder heads and screw-in parts

Silver electroplating

These videos are about how you can improve and/or secure the flow of electricity through your product(s) by Silver electroplating.

Benefits of silvered product

These materials can be silver-plated

Use of different types of silver

Methods of applying silver

Silvered products are tested for adhesion

Tin electroplating

In these videos you will find information about tin electroplating, which ensures good solderability, ductility and corrosion protection of metal.

What is the purpose of tin electroplating?

On which products is the tin electroplating applied?

How does tin electroplating work?

On which materials can a tin layer be applied?

What method is used to apply the tin?