Galvano Hengelo

In conversation with BENNING

The BENNING firm is a solid family company that produces reliable and efficient power supplies for telecom, industry and medical applications. It is a major player in the market of solutions for the conversion or storage of energy. We talk with Mr Gehrke, Head of Commodity Management and Mr Tautz, Production Manager for BENNING.

After the establishment of the company in 1938, the company repaired electrical systems and machines. The machine repair company has since developed into a leading player in the field of energy conversion and storage. The range includes test and measurement products, rectifier and inverter systems, DC-DC converters, UPS systems, OEM power supplies and traction battery chargers. The company also makes repairs to electrical machines up to 120 tonnes.
With more than 1,000 employees, four production sites and several branches, BENNING has built up a global presence for the assembly, sale and service of battery chargers and power supply systems. This allows the company to provide all its customers with technical support and service. BENNING is therefore a market leader in the field for good reason.

The challenge

BENNING uses many tin-plated components to produce these solutions. To ensure an efficient production process, BENNING was looking for a partner with reliable delivery times who can tin components with high, consistent quality. In their search, the company came into contact with Galvano Hengelo. “This is a partner that focuses on quality and delivery time. These have therefore never been compromised in our many years of cooperation”, says Gehrke. “That speaks to our teamwork.” BENNING has been working with Galvano Hengelo for 13 years, mainly in the field of tinning but also for other treatments. The “one-stop shopping” principle completes the cooperation.

About the collaboration

What characterises the relationship between BENNING and Galvano? “Good communication, short lines, fast service. It feels like a collaboration, and both parties will do anything to achieve a good result for each order ”, say Mr Gehrke and Mr Tautz. Any problems are addressed and resolved. “Everyone is alert, from production to office staff. If parts come in that do not match the supplied drawings, this is immediately noted. This prevents mistakes. The processes are short and concise, with fast service. High quality is delivered. Keep up the good work, Galvano Hengelo!”