Galvano Hengelo

Learn Electroplating with Galvano

Electroplating 2: Educating continues! Most students of the last summer completed course galvanizing 1 wanted to learn further, the renewed ION course Galvanizing 2 is then a logical sequel! Last Tuesday the Association industrial surface Treating Nederland (ION) started with the first of 12 evening sessions with 9 students from the Twente business community: Rogal Metaalbewerking, Thales Nederland and Galvano Hengelo.

ION lecturer Robin Smit (galvano Hengelo B.V.) gives 8 lessons, lecturer Laurens Wessels (macdermid enthone Electronics Solutions) takes 4. We delve deeper into the versatile techniques behind the beautiful galvanizing compartment!

Galvaniseren kun je leren